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Sexual Abuse, Consent, and Culture

If you haven’t heard, there have been some really troubling stories about manipulative and even possibly abusive relationships between online creators and their fans.

While that situation certainly spurred me to make this video, I also think a video like this is long overdo. We’re excited to be facing these problems head-on, because the only way out is through.

Thanks to our task force for helping me edit this video and make sure I wasn’t too clumsy with the work, especially to Sahitya.

Here are some resources put together by the task force:

If someone is pressuring you:

Types of assault:

Find a local crisis center:

Online hotline:

International resources:

Emotional abuse:

"Digital" abuse:

Warning signs of an abusive relationship:

edit: The links in this were broken but are now fixed; major thanks to those who pointed it out!



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Dear Hesitant Ones


In my inboxes I see so many questions that start with a phrase meant to apologize for asking the question in the message. They start with some version of “sorry to bother you” or “This is probably a silly question” etc. I’d say that almost 100% of those are from girls & women.

In daily life I…




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Here is Set 1! The Offical Princesses.

Set 2 - The Non Princesses
Set 3 - The Guys

View these separately here!

Have a Happy Halloween everybody!

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